Friday, June 5, 2009

Lemon Poppy Seed & White Cupcakes.

Good Friday everyone! Whew, feels good to be back to creating recipes.
California was a total blast....we got to go to Disneyland for the first time. I love that place! We were planning on going to Raging Waters in San Dimas Friday but they weren't open yet during the week. So we hopped on over to Knotts Soak City instead. How I missed going to Raging Waters again. Saturday was my friends graduation - pretty emotional time. We celebrated afterwards at Pat & Oscars. I thought Olive Garden had the best breadsticks....Pat & Oscars beats them by a longshot! California is pretty amazing.

I love simple recipes. I was at Wallyworld the other day and thought about why not mix a white cake mix with a muffin mix? Mmm, the results are delicious. You can use whatever muffin mix, not just Lemon Poppy Seed. I'd try the Blueberry one for sure. I bet you can even change the cake mix to your liking!

Swirled Lemon Poppy Seed White Cupcakes
1 white cake mix, prepared according to box directions
2 (7.6 oz) Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin Mix, prepared according to package directions
Grease 2 muffin tins. Fill 2/3 full with white cake mix batter. Pour 1 tbsp. over white cake mix batter and swirl. Bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes or until ready. Cool.

We left for California early Wednesday morning. Thursday was my friend's graduation beach party. Early Thursday we packed up food, boogie boards, chairs, wood for a fire, and headed to Oceanside. It was 64 degrees there. But that didn't stop us crazy girls from going in the water. And since I only get to go to the beach once a year...I wasn't going to pass this up.
I did swallow too much salt water though and felt like puking...the waves were pretty big and kept going over my head.
We had a blast at the beach party....I still can't believe we are both done with High School Joss! So glad I was able to be there with you!
The mature graduate...right JR?

Tonight is my brothers and mine second softball game...can't wait for it! Off to enjoy some sunny weather and a run...have a great Friday and weekend everyone!



Anonymous said...

Looks like you had SUCH an awesome time!
Very cute pics!!

BrittWilk said...

glad you're still blogging! we would have missed you! :)

Alison said...

Glad you had a great time in California. That place NEVER disappoints.

I love the recipe! Love the possibilities. Gonna give it a shot this weekend!!!

The Duo Dishes said...

Yay for Cali! Hopefully you had decent weather. It's been gray and rainy in LA. And great recipe! So easy to pull off.

Olivia Coy said...

So glad you have decided to stick around the blogging world! My sister is in love with poppy seeds so we may end up making these!

Barbara Bakes said...

Love the jumping picture! Glad you had a good time!

Manuela said...

I love anything lemon poppy seed ~ in fact made some citrus poppy seeds muffins a couple of weeks ago. I like your version too, simple but yummy!
Glad you had a wonderful time in California and were able to visit Disney. I love that State too!
Also loved the photos of all you girls jumping. So cool! I need to give that a try.
And the best of all is that you've decided to continue blogging!
That's AWESOME for us! :)

Nikki said...

Those cakes lok DELICOUS!
looks like you had fun! So glad your blogging!

Tori said...

Sounds yummy!

Great pics from Cali - looks like so much fun!

Katrina said...

Who would have thought-cake mix and muffin mix. What a great idea! Glad you had fun in Cali!

Cristine said...

Looks great!

I love the pics... looks like you had a blast!

Rebekah said...

thanks for staying on! These look really good...I love lemon poppyseed muffins!

Maria said...

Love these! Wish I could have one now!

Rachel said...

Hey priscilla1 Haven't been on here in a little while, I've been busy too! =:D He He! I love this recipe! It gives you so much wiggle room for your creativity! =;) Thanks for sharing this! Ha Ha! I love all the pics. I love how you do those action shots, so cool! =:D

Blessings in all of your summer busyness! I am so glad you chose to continue your blog, I would miss it too much! You have a fabulous talent (actually 3 talents! Blogging, baking/cooking, and photography! Lol!).


Erica said...

Another great recipe! Looks like you are having a WONDERFUL summer so far. Enjoy every minute!!