Friday, September 18, 2009

Already Middle Of September..??

Hello Blog Readers! I'm sorry...for such another long time with no posting. Thing is, I honestly haven't baked anything for months. Why, I don't know. But I have something up my sleeve for tomorrow. A Neopalitian Banana Cake....we will see how it turns out.

Right now I am currently taking this semester off school and working. And in-between doing photo sessions, frisbee games, hitting the mall, trips to the theater w/family or friends, multiple trips to get ice cream with friends, church activities, and then of course the usual...spending time with family and friends.

Annnd, last Friday was a whole new experience for me. I'm currently the 2nd baseman on our softball team and well. Last Friday, which was our last game for the season....I ended up spending most of the evening in the ER. During the game I went to catch a fly ball and the ball ended up landing on my face instead of the mit.
I fractured my nose and received 2 black eyes. It was also my first time ever in the ER....a tough night.
Buuut, God has healed me amazingly. My black eyes are almost completely gone and I got my stitches out yesterday. My family took amazing care of me and I found out during my week of recovery that God has truly given me the "best" family and friends in this world.

I also think I had enough injuries for the year. Lets see...a fat bruised lip from snowboarding, breaking my middle finger when the wind shut the door on my hand, and a fractured nose....hmmm. Yup. Hopefully that is all.

And Lord willing. Next softball season. I will be back out on that field.


My latest photo session was of my softball coach's family.
Ohhhh Adalyn. She is my very favorite 1 year little girl. Her pigtails are melting. Her little smile with 2 bottom teeth and 2 top teeth are equally melting. I think we have a future Miss America on our hands.

Have a wonderful Friday! We have had 20 days of sunshine and beautiful weather....I couldn't ask for anything better. See you with a recipe very soon!!



Meghan said...

That's awful about getting hit in the face with the softball!!! I'm glad you're ok and are able to turn a bad situation into good. The pictures are so cute!

arielle said...

Yay! Glad to see you back into blogging. Can't wait for some new recipes. :) Oh and I'm sorry about your injuries. Ouch! :-/ Hopefully there are no more for the rest of the year!! :)

Me said...

Yikes! Ouch! That must have hurt!
Aww. She's cute:-)

alex said...

Ouch! I hope you heal quickly. Please blog soon!