Friday, May 2, 2008

Cupcakes, Scones, & Mr. Lew!

First attempt at decorating cupcakes with a tip...
Okay, this is what happens when your cupcakes are too close to the edge of the counter...
Our all time favorite scone recipe. Since you add hazelnut creamer in this scone these dissapear even faster! You brush them with egg yolk, sprinkle them with sugar, and then you bake them...yummy!
Chocolate Cocoa Scones sprinkled with powdered sugar. They may look heavy and sweet but they are actually fluffy, light, & not too sweet.
How could I blog without posting about Mr. Lew?? I sat him on our mailbox and he had his photo session. Whenever you get mad at him, this is the look he gives you saying..."aren't I too cute"??
Lewis and Clark setting out on their great "adventure", which would be seeing how far they can go off our property without getting caught!
Only 7 weeks and already posing...alright! If it is rope it is game!
The fun stuff after baking....the dishes!!

Thanks to everyone who voted in my poll. I was glad to get 8 votes, until I found out my brother was voting multiple times...thanks Joe!


Barbara Bakes said...

Sorry to see the cupcakes fell on the floor - was there a 30 second rule involved, or did cute Lewis get to feast. You did a great job decorating them!

Ruth Elkin said...

I missed your poll!!!!!! How did that happen?

Anyways, poor cupcakes on the floor!

and what cute photos of Lewis! Impossible to take a photo of him when he isn't cute I suppose!

OhioMom said...

Lewis will do clean up I am sure :)

My cats always wait patiently for clean-up duty in our home ... LOL

caitlyn said...

Your decorated cupcakes look beautiful! It's a shame they fell on the floor. :(
Both types of scones look delicious!

Rae said...

so sad about the cupcakes on the floor!! I will look forward to that scone recipe (:

Julia said...

Sorry about your accident. What a shame!

Thanks for your vote on the cupcake contest. I really appreciate it!

Priscilla said...

Barbara - I actually didn't even think of the the "30" second rule...but I think I probably got to them before 3 minutes!! I was able to salvage most of them. :) I thought about having my brother let Clark in to feast, but didn't end up doing so.

Ruth - not sure how you missed my poll, but thats fine! Yeah, it is impossible to take a picture of Lewis when he isn't in his "cute phase". :)

OhioMom - I know Lew would have loved to if he got the chance! The cat I used to have would have gobbled that up too!

Caitlyn - thank you! I was so glad to be able to decorate cupcakes with a tip!!

Rae - thanks....I'm glad I was able to save some! Scone recipe was sent to you....enjoy!

Julia - I was kinda in shock when it happened, but oh well! Hope you win the contest!

Rae said...

Thanks Priscilla!

Rebekah said...

what a bummer about the cupcakes overboard! The frosting done with a tip looked adorable though!

Priscilla said...

Not a problem Rae!

Rebekah - yeah, I wasn't too ticked about the fallen cupcakes! Thanks...I'm glad you liked the c-cakes!

Maria said...

Priscilla Lewis is sooo cute. Your cupcakes look delish!!


Rosie said...

Hi Priscilla, I am so glad to be back blogging and seeing my dear friends once again :)

Awe I'm in love -heart pounding - with Lewis oh what a cutie!!

Lovely looking cupcakes too :)

Rosie x

Lucy said...

Looks like you've master the decorating tip, the cup cakes look so good.... and those scones WOW!

Love, Love your pups!!

Oiyi said...

Those scones look great! I am a big fan of scones. The one with the hazelnut creamer sounds like a interesting recipe.

Hi Mr. Lew!

Margaret said...

Was the dog allowed to eat those beautiful cupcakes?

Priscilla said...

Maria - thank you!! Lewis is too cute, although my other dog Clark doesn't quite think like that!

Rosie - glad to see you blogging again. Lewis and the cupcakes made me happy!

Lucy - yeah, the scones were the best!

Oiyi - I am a fan of scones too, especially the Hazelnut Creamer Scone. Lew says hi back!

Margaret - no, Lewis didn't eat them, but if he got a chance I'm sure he would have!