Friday, May 23, 2008

Double C.~

Macadamia White Chocolate Nut Cookies. Sounds good, and they usually taste yummy. But not this time....I happened to grab a "bad" bag of Macadamia nuts. Ugh, made me quite sick. I will be trying them again only I will first make "sure" the nuts I am getting are not a million years old.

This cake was delicious, but the only thing was I overbaked it...kinda ruins it. It tastes like a brownie, hence the name "Triple Chocolate Brownie Cake". Instead of the frosting called for, I used our standard buttercream frosting. My brothers were eating the of them had a glass of milk and was gobbling it up. My same brother eats chocolate chip cookie dough and milk together isn't that bad!
I think all Labs have that "aren't I pitiful face"...right??
My little guy sleeps this way, back feet out, face on the ground. My Mom calls him a mongloid, my Dad calls him a Platypus.
Happy Memorial Day everyone!!


Lucy said...

Priscilla once again you have the WOW factor!! Everything looks so good.... ;-)

Lewis, your a WOW Too !!!

Lucy said...

I forgot to mention.... your Mom's kitchen - WOW and WOW again !

Lewis, my little Kayla (she's a Maltese), sleeps just like you do ;-)

Rebekah C said...

those white choc macadamia nut cookies are my favorite kind of all time! I'll have to keep in mind the age factor of the nuts if I ever make any.

Lewis sleeps so cutely!

And...I'd definitely be baking all day if I could use that gorgeous kitchen! So beautiful

Ruth Elkin said...

Sorry the nuts turned out bad... hopefully next time is better.

I made some chocolate cake today but can't touch it until tomorrow.... it makes me sad.

Cute Lewis!!! Stewie our springer spaniel so has that face too. He's a cute wee boy.

Oiyi said...

Sleeping puppies are the cutest!

Rosie said...

Awe look at Lewis such a cutie!! Your white choc macadamia nut cookies look stunning I could just eat one now!! :)

Rosie x

Priscilla said...

Lucy - thanks!! I think there are very few dogs who sleep like Lewis!

Rebekah - they are some of my favorite too....especially when the nuts are good. :) Isn't Lew cute??

Ruth - yum, chocolate is always tough when you can't have cake until later! Those kind of faces are too hard to resist!

Oiyi - right on...I agree!

Rosie - thank you!! They were good, and Lewis is getting cuter every day, although he is getting way too big!

OhioMom said...


You have been "awarded", stop by my blog :)

Barbara Bakes said...

Priscilla - I've been on vacation for two weeks in Italy! I'm back now and catching up on my favorite blogs. I've got leftover white chocolate chips from my Opera Cake. I'll have to get some Macadamia nuts and get baking! Thanks!

Priscilla said...

OhioMom - thank you!!

Barbara - hope you had a great time in Italy! Only make sure the nuts are bad...he he.

Cooking and the City said...

the cookies look good, shame the nuts were off. Lewis is so cute! :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness these desserts look sooooo delicious!

Maria said...

Lewis is getting big now and what a cutie he is. Those cookies look yummy!


Priscilla said...

Thanks guys!

eatme_delicious said...

Oh I can greatly empathize with you about the bad macadamia nuts! They completely ruin the cookie. The ones I used when I made this cookie I think were bad too so now I make sure to always try the macadamia nuts before adding! It really is a good recipe though and you could try adding something else that you like (ie. chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, nuts, etc).