Sunday, February 1, 2009

Who Am I?

I'm sure if I asked you guys this you would probably say: "baker, cooker, teenager, a girl, snowboarder, etc." And, you'd be right about each of those. But, I am also something else. I'm sure you've noticed that I've made references to God a couple of times and even said I was thankful that Jesus Christ was my Lord and Savior. I probably had you wondering if I was a Religious person or a Catholic, or maybe someone who believes in God.

So, what am I? A Christian. Not Religious, not a Catholic. A sinner saved by the blood of Jesus Christ - (Romans 3:23...For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God). And, yes...I believe there is a God. Why? Because after studying Chemistry and Biology in my high school years I have learned that absoultely with a doubt there is a God. My parents taught me from ever since I can remember that evolution was not true, God created this whole universe. I believed there was a God, because my parents said so. But once I started in Biology and Chemistry I knew then why I believed in God. For all the intricate details that have to be met in order for this earth to function properly and for us to live, would only be the desgin of God...not by chance.

And, I am thankful everyday that God decided to call me His Child. Being a Child of God doesn't mean I am perfect, not by any means (ask my brothers or sisters!) but, it means that I have a personal relationship with the God who created this whole universe and holds it in the palm of His Hands. What could be more awesome than that? It also means having Someone whom I can run to when I feel all alone, and having Someone who can calm my greatest fears. And also knowing that whatever happens, be it good or bad...I still have God right there beside me.

We went snowboarding yesterday and it was a glorious 40 degrees. See the above picture? That was taken not long before I was sprawled on the ground. I crashed into Steven and hit his helmet with my upper lip. Why did I crash? I was going rather fast and didn't have time to stop before I hit him, what we call an accident. My left half of my lip is big, lopsided, and purple and blue, a fat lip. My brother was threating to take pictures of me like and this and post it on my blog...I don't think I'd have any readers left if he did!

Have a great rest of a Sunday and I'll see you next with a cute Valentines Day giveaway!


Melissa said...

I would still read your blog even if your brother did put the picture up. :)

Jade said...

The way God has designed everything down to the tinyest cell is amazing and absolutely brilliant! We serve an awesome God!!!

I'm so sorry about your lip!! I hope it gets better soon=)
I made up my a long time ago that I'm going to go snowboarding one day lol. I'll probably break my legs but oh well, I'm going!

Kira said...

Hi Priscilla!

I have been reading your blog for quite a while, and I LOVE to see all the food and recipes you make! I love to bake, and I have been wanting to try out some of your recipes soon!

I will continue to stop by! :)


~ Kira

Rebekah said...

Loved your testimony! It was beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

Hope your lip gets to feeling better!

Jessica said...

Doesn't 40 degrees feel balmy this time of year! It was so nice to read more of 'who' you are!!

Jodi said...

I love that you were not embarassed to display your love for Christ on your blog! I wish others could understand what you do, especially at a young age.

Hope your lip gets better! Hope you at least had fun. :)

Meg said...

I hope your lip gets better soon!!! Great blog post!

*hannah* said...

Priscilla what a great testimony! thanks for sharing!

sarah [biscuits and honey] said...

Thanks for sharing your testimony! Its very encouraging to know I have a fellow sister in Christ out here in food blog land... :)

Neesie said...

What a beautiful and heartfelt post Pricilla!!!

I love your snowboarding pictures. And I would still read your blog even if your bro put that picture up! That is what brothers do best isn't it???!! ;-)

Katrina said...

You're such a great young lady! Sounds like you have wonderful parents and a great family and are SO blessed!

Rebekah said...

looking at nature for me is a great testament to God's power and his creation! Thanks for sharing about your faith

Beth said...

I totally agree with you - we can see God's awesome creativity when we study science. There's no way the world could have just happened on its own.